01 . How can I get in touch with my Personal Manager?

Register with us first and our representative will call you within 48 hours. You can also sen an email to …………

02 . What tracking tools does RTB Wire use?

For accessing the statistics, we provide StoS and API. We use third-party tracking systems like Cake, AppaFlyer, Volume and HasOffers.

03 . What are the payment options available?

RTB Wire provides you with Paypal option as of now.

04 . Please explain the mechanism of Retargeting.

We place a code/pixel on your website. A cookie is saved on users’ browsers when they visit your site. Our retargeting system identifies them when they go to various other sites displaying your ads.

05 . My campaign isn’t getting much traffic. Why is this happening?

Reasons may be as follows:
The delivery status of at least one ad should be “approved” and enabled by RTB Wire for driving in the traffic. Duration of the campaign must be accurate. Budget has exceeded.

06 . I have forgotten my login password. How can I retrieve?

Click on ‘forgot your password’ in the login page. Enter the registered email id. If you can’t access your account, contact your account manager and restore password. Update your password in ‘My account’ tab.


01 . I have traffic although I do not have a website. What do I do now?

You will just have to create a support ticket and talk about your case in detail. Explain the kind of traffic you would love to send RTB Wire. Choose the best ad tools for your trafficwith our managers’ aid.

02 . I need Ad Tags for my sites. How can I get them ?

Open the website page, press ‘Add Code’ button that’s beside the website that you are about to use. Select an ad unit and if you like, filter campaigns. Then click ‘Add’. You will have to follow the steps again if you want more ad units.

03 . How many banners do you suggest for one zone?

Bombarding your page with too many banners might result in reduced traffic performance. It is optimum to use 1 banner of each size so that same banner doesn’t get displayed on your website page. If you are looking for multiple banners you can choose Native Banners.

04 . My payment got rejected. Why so ?

You might have entered incorrect payment details. There also might be some technical issues or limit on the amount for payment.

05 . Do your ad codes support https/ssl ?

Yes they do. Paste correct codes.

06 . How often will the statistics be updated?

Every 10 minutes, our statistics are updated during non-peak hours.

08 . I need to change the username. How can I do it?

Get in touch with your Personal Manager for username change.

09 . How often do the publishers get paid ?

They get paid twice a month based on Net15.

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It was indeed a pleasurable experience working with these guys! A big applause for their punctuality.




RTB Wire has given us high quality traffic throughout and helped out business a lot. Thanks guys!




Personal managers at RTB Wire are very helpful and are totally trustworthy.




It was a great journey with RTB Wire. The high quality creatives helped my brand reach a wide range of audience.